Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Another Christmas Season

Hopes and dreams of a romantic winter vacation spent beside a warm swimming pool, under the shade of a beach umbrella have faded to black. We just could not get on the same page concerning location, dates to be away, length of vacation and so on. The ability to make clear decisions quickly appears to be yet another victim of old-timer-disease. Result of our indecision is that I am heading to Florida Feb. 12th, and dear hubby is staying home to mind the cats and his business.

My Christmas decorating is just about done. Tree is up, garland is draped over the mantle, Hallmark village and miniature evergreen coverning the sofa table, and Nativity Scene holding the place of honour atop the family room mantle.

Instead of hanging stockings over the fireplace I hung 4 of my homemade quilted ornaments.
They are years old now, but took so long for me to make that I don't have the heart to get rid of them now.

This morning as I was sitting at my computer the Christmas tree began to shake. The red and gold balls swaying gently too and fro. EARTHQUAKE!! or at the least a tremor was the first thought in my mind. Then common sense kicked in and I realized that there was no tinkling of crystal accompanying the swaying decorations. After a moment they settled down leaving me scratching my head, a mystery indeed. A few minutes later they began bouncing again and this time I noticed 2 white paws perched beside the tree, little black knees flexed, then a wee bounce as Staccato reached up and swatted at the glittering ball closest to the tree bottom. She isn't known for being a very "cat-like" kitty, so catching her in the act of playing with something is a rare treat. I'm glad she's getting into the spirit of Christmas, maybe she's hoping for a stocking this year.

I've had some success with 2 recipes I tried this week, Porc en Croute and Carrot Souffle.

The Porc en Croute recipe I used is Emeril Lagasse's, found on the internet, and the Carrot Souffle is from My sister had sent me another carrot souffle recipe which is much sweeter so I didn't use that one. It is from the Piccadilly Buffet in Florida, and tastes more like a dessert than a vegetable dish...simply yummy!

The next new thing to try will be to make my own sushi. Asked my Japanese friend if she could give me a lesson and she broke into gales of laughter, and said she doesn't have a clue how, her mother always made it. So, I'll just have to beg my friend Sharon to show me. Evidently she has all the right equipment, which is the key to success in all things according to my husband.